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REECE - Cacophony Of Souls Steelbox Zubehör Sold Out!
REECE - Cacophony Of Souls [SteelBox] Limited...
Steel Box laser marked and individually numbered in strictly limited edition (2020) content: - CD - Signed Autograph Card David Reece XXL - Laserprinted Army Dog Tag Reece - Original Guitar Pick of Andy Susemihl David Reece has seen a...
€34.90 *
Cover: DUST & BONES - The Great Damnation Stereo Parade
DUST & BONES - The Great Damnation Stereo...
limited fan bundle: CD, handsigned picture, patch (9 cm) CD (2019) All amplifier controls on 11 and GO! Dust & Bones – The High Energy Dirt Rock Livemachine! Straightforward and fierce punk rock combines with the diverse influences of...
€16.90 *
Mission in Black - Oceans of Blood Front-Cover Red Vinyl
MISSION IN BLACK - Oceans Of Blood (new vox) EP
7" Vinyl Single 2019 In classic black and limited in transparent red and was sung by new singer Steffi Stuber. The single is only available on live shows and here in the shop! "The full text and accompanying video is dedicated to the...
From €8.90 *
Cover NECRONOMICON - Unleashed Bastards
NECRONOMICON - Unleashed Bastards [LP Limited...
Vinyl (2018) "Red Alert", ... this is the musical direction of the new album „Unleashed Bastards" by the cult thrash band NECRONOMICON, according to frontman Freddy. He added, "Everything is there; from punk to old school, from speed to...
€18.90 *
Cover: UNDERTOW - Reap The Storm
UNDERTOW - Reap The Storm [LP, Limited Edition,...
Golden Vinyl Limited Edition (2018) UNDERTOW is pleased to present the latest addition to their metal legacy, Reap the Storm, an intense and dynamic album that finds the band exploring new aspects of their sound while staying true to...
€22.90 *
Cover: Stepfahther Fred - Dummies, Dolls & Masters
STEPFATHER FRED - Dummies, Dolls & Masters...
Double-LP, Red Vinyl (2016) If you did not see Stepfather Fred live the last few years, you are definitely living your life as a couch potato. More than 250 live-shows speak a loud and clear language. Stepfather Fred are born to be on...
€14.90 *
Cover BEASTO BLANCO - Beasto Blanco
BEASTO BLANCO - Beasto Blanco [CD Special...
CD (2017) Produced by Ryan Greene (Alice Cooper/Lita Ford/Mr. Big), features 11 new tracks and an amped-up cover version of Alice Coopers hit song Feed My Frankenstein that also features Alice's daughter and fellow Beasto band mate...
€14.90 *
Cover: The Phans
THE PHANS - The Phans CD Digipack Limited Edition
CD (2016) Who founds a band on a Friday the 13th does not fear big ghosts. The Phans, heading from Ulm in lovely south Germany have been founded exactly on that date and they evoke the big musical minds of the legendary 70ies on full...
€6.90 *
Cover: WITCHBOUND - Tarot's Legacy
WITCHBOUND - Tarot's Legacy [VINYL] 180g...
Vinyl (2015) Lee Tarot (Harald Spengler, R.I.P.) former mastermind and founding member of black romantic & melodic metallers Stormwitch, is telling his last story. A story about dark ages, full of kings and knights, the grail, holy wars,...
€19.90 *
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