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over STEPFATHER FRED - Enhancer White Vinyl
STEPFATHER FRED - Enhancer [LP "Special Edition...
Vinyl (2018) With ,,Enhancer" those four thoroughbred musicians from Southern Germany put their amps up to the max and present thirteen new tracks, bursting all musical limits and boundaries. German METAL HAMMER called their previous...
€14.90 *
Cover: The Phans
THE PHANS - The Phans CD Digipack Limited Edition
CD (2016) Who founds a band on a Friday the 13th does not fear big ghosts. The Phans, heading from Ulm in lovely south Germany have been founded exactly on that date and they evoke the big musical minds of the legendary 70ies on full...
€6.90 *
The Phans T-Shirt schwarz
The Phans - Covershirt, special price
Cover-Shirt black
€4.90 *
Cover: WITCHBOUND - Tarot's Legacy
WITCHBOUND - Tarot's Legacy [CD]
CD (2015) Lee Tarot (Harald Spengler, R.I.P.) former mastermind and founding member of black romantic & melodic metallers Stormwitch, is telling his last story. A story about dark ages, full of kings and knights, the grail, holy wars,...
€14.90 *