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PUSSY SISSTER - Here Are The Pussys - Front Cover
PUSSY SISSTER - Here Are The Pussys [CD]
CD (2024) It's getting wild, it's getting hot, it's getting raunchy - the Pussy Sissters are back and the advice "Lock up your daughters!" still applies. After a break of 9 years, they return with the album "Here are the Pussys" to pick...
€14.90 *
DAVID REECE - Baptized By Fire - Front Cover
DAVID REECE - Baptized By Fire [CD]
CD (2024) Since the late 80s, David Reece’ charismatic voice has enhanced successful albums by ACCEPT, Bangalore Choir, Bonfire and the Sainted Sinners, among others. In addition to this, however, he also continued to focus on his solo...
€14.90 *
DUST & BONES - Mission Back To The Forbidden Planet [CD]
DUST & BONES - Mission Back To The Forbidden...
CD (2023) DUST & BONES are back to have fun...and bring fun! For over two decades, the five Swabians have not allowed themselves to be pressed into any genres. Their energetic mixture of riffy punk rock, dark heavy rock with metal...
€14.90 *
THE REVENANTS - Ghosts - Front Cover
THE REVENANTS - Ghosts [Doppel-CD Digipak]
CD (2023) “Ghosts” by THE REVENANTS is the sensational debut double(!) album which features END OF GREEN singer Michelle Darkness together with the two longtime soulbrothers Marc Ayerle and Fabio Arganese in their ranks. Stylistically,...
€19.90 *
DAVID REECE - Blacklist Utopia - Front Cover
DAVID REECE - Blacklist Utopia [CD]
CD (2021) The super successful collaboration with Andy Susemihl (a.o. Ex-U.D.O.) as guitar player, songwriting- and recording partner, which already made the predecessor album “Cacophony Of Souls” an absolute listening pleasure goes into...
€14.90 *
DAVID REECE - Blacklist Utopia [Blackbox "Limited Edition"]
DAVID REECE - Blacklist Utopia [Blackbox...
Ltd Boxset comes as a metalbox, individually numbered, including the CD, a black dog-tag, a cool guitarpick, booklet signed by David Reece -only 111 copies worldwide-
€34.90 *
SAINTED SINNERS - Unlocked & Reloaded Front Cover
SAINTED SINNERS - Unlocked & Reloaded [CD]
CD (2020) The SAINTED SINNERS are back. On December 4th, 2020 the third album "Unlocked & Reloaded" will be released, for which band leader Frank Pané has mixed up the line-up. Great musicians have been the hallmarks of this band from...
€14.90 *
SAINTED SINNERS - Unlocked & Reloaded Limited Edition Holzbox
SAINTED SINNERS - Unlocked & Reloaded [Wood-Box...
Laser-Branded Wooden Box Special limited Edition, only 333 worldwide, individually numbered. included: - CD "Unlocked & Reloaded" - Panorama Autograph Set, 5 cards, special handsigned - Original Frank Pané Guitar Pick - Sainted Sinners...
€34.90 *
SAINTED SINNERS - Sainted @ El Puerto [3 CD Fan-Bundle]
SAINTED SINNERS - Sainted @ El Puerto [3 CD...
All three Sainted Sinners CDs as a fan bundle, including a signed autograph card from band founder Frank Panè - Sainted Sinners, CD 2017 - Back With A Vengeance, CD 2018 - Unlocked & Reloaded, CD 2020
€29.90 *
Maryann Cotton - Hallelujah Cover
MARYANN COTTON - Hallelujah [CD]
CD (2020) "Hallelujah" is the fourth studio album of the "Prince Of Shock Rock". Let us turn the wheel of history back to a time that seemed so much more easy-going and light-hearted than the here and now, to a time when men needed more...
€14.90 *
REECE - Cacophony Of Souls Steelbox Zubehör Sold Out!
DAVID REECE - Cacophony Of Souls [SteelBox]...
Steel Box laser marked and individually numbered in strictly limited edition (2020) content: - CD - Signed Autograph Card David Reece XXL - Laserprinted Army Dog Tag Reece - Original Guitar Pick of Andy Susemihl David Reece has seen a...
€34.90 *
REECE - Cacophony Of Souls Front Cover
DAVID REECE - Cacophony Of Souls [CD]
CD (2020) David Reece has seen a lot in his career. In addition to his solo albums, he gave bands like Accept, Bangalore Choir, Bonfire and most recently the Sainted Sinners the special magic of his voice. He brought Andy Susemihl into...
€14.90 *
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